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Aufg.:12.09.2009 / 13:47
Eingf.:14.09.2009 / 13:49
Größe:188 KB
Angezeigt:3.211 mal
Kam.Herst.:Concord Camera GmbH
Kam.Modell:JD 5.0z3 EasyShot
Bel.-zeit:1/250 s
Brennw.:5.95 mm

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noch keine

Iyad schrieb am 31.08.2013 um 09:35:11 Uhr:
Heya guys! Cool picks, let me review them brlefiy (ha!):THE RELIC: Meh. Monster was cool. Didn't enjoy the monster on fire special effects very much, almost felt like a fire-scaled dragon from an anime. Or a FF boss turning into his true form. Weird thing: the ship that is not a boat is called Santos Morales. I noticed because hey, yet another name that sounds brazilian but is not. And seeing the credits, the captain of the ship is interpreted by Santos Morales. Huh! Also, were you also hoping that Team Nice would escape through the sewers and Team Douche would become hypothalamus to go? 5/10 archaelogical artifacts cleaned with power tools.EVENT HORIZON: Josh nailed it: film catches you, then lets you slide. Great premise. The movie reminded me first of Alien, then of a ghost ship story, instead of Shining or Hellraiser. Also, Paul WS Anderson is a horrible director, losing only to Uwe Boll, perhaps. Don't mix him up with Paul Thomas Anderson, one of the best today. Sam Neill, there's something with him that is not quite right. 6/10 gothic spikes that totally serves a purpose in black hole making.THE UGLY Cool film. Not much to add. 7/10 aye mates.Just watched Woman in Black, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT, spoiler spoiler!

Fred schrieb am 01.09.2013 um 02:08:07 Uhr:
Love this Kathleen! There is a book I read recently and she seutgsgs creating 100 dreams .like your post it really pulls themes out and sometimes can really surprise you when you step back and look at it.Mine have a lot to do withfamily,connection,restorationand rest .In a perfect world .Bringing back the front porch sitting life(actually going to peoples houses .not texting, IM and such).Families eating dinner together every night.Relationships restored .connection with people .no prejudice .no labeling .all evil would of been wiped out.Oh yes .I agree with this chocolate (dark, dark chocolate) is health food. It needs to be put on the food pyramid.You mentioned San Diego .mine would be Montana with a little less snow. : )

Dalkey schrieb am 01.09.2013 um 14:14:43 Uhr:
Kim,I love your list (especially the front porch communities). It's griatfying to see how many people agree that community' is a key to bring the world back to where it ought to be. As for San Diego I never would have dreamed I'd want to live in California until we went to San Diego to visit friends last year. It's spectacular. (And yes, no snow has a lot to do with that.) http://kboafqfxcvu.com [url=http://oqcqiuis.com]oqcqiuis[/url] [link=http://zkujhfopig.com]zkujhfopig[/link]

Jeff schrieb am 02.09.2013 um 19:52:29 Uhr:
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