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Aufg.:12.09.2009 / 13:47
Eingf.:14.09.2009 / 13:49
Größe:128 KB
Angezeigt:4.867 mal
Kam.Herst.:Concord Camera GmbH
Kam.Modell:JD 5.0z3 EasyShot
Bel.-zeit:1/162 s
Brennw.:5.95 mm

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Salvador schrieb am 22.07.2013 um 15:49:08 Uhr:
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Nice follow up, but what a shame that Ashley has spopted cycling again.I wanted to get to the Manchester screening last night but was unable to unfortunately, so have ordered the DVD.To recreate the Lass O' Gowrie pub atmosphere i'll have a few bottles of real ale on standby for when the DVD arrives!Hope it went well.

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